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Digital Learning Goodness

Digital Learning Goodness

Stacey Edmonds, APR 11, 2016

Sarah Davie and I were invited to run a panel session and a Digital Learning Workshop at The 8th Annual Blended Learning Conference 2016, organised by the team at Liquid Learning.  Marvellous day and we packed a lot in!

Our expert panel session ‘Streamlining the transition to digital learning’ was a flurry of activity.  Participants measured their organisations digital learning maturity – using the Lively Digital Learning Maturity Model…



and gained practical insight into how to best develop and implement a solid, ‘totally bought in’, Digital Learning Strategy.

For this we introduced the Lively Digital Strategy Framework

Digital SF


Our Workshop ‘Maximising and Demonstrating the Value of Digital Learning Tools’ was a post-conference experience with over 20 attendees, this took the expert panel session to a whole other level. The aim…to leave with a ‘Digital’ Learning Strategy in development and a current project being transformed into a multi-format, multi-device learning campaign.

It was a facilitated session, however, to practice what we preach we introduced a new piece of technology to the mix, a Digitable. Think… a really big collaborative iPad – but better – that works a bit like the screens in The Minority Report.  No PowerPoint, simply a collaborative digital space to explore and share.





“Innovative.  Great to see actual examples of content.  Innovative and creative mind”


“Very lively, very resourceful and inspiring experience”


Upcoming Workshop, Thursday 12 May – DIGITAL LEARNING GOODNESS

Workshop Outline

Arrive with your business strategy, learning content and a creative mindset.

Leave with your convincing Digital Learning Strategy underway and engaging Digital Learning Experience ready to develop.

1.We begin by assessing your organisations’ Digital Learning Maturity.  We understand the current reality, create the Digital Learning vision and align the vision to the Strategic Direction.

2.Using the Lively Digital Learning Framework we map out how to achieve the vision.

3. We move onto content, arguably the most important component of the delivery.   We’ll look at the importance of story and how to transform your content into high impact learning experiences.

4.Over to you (individually or part of a team) to design your learning experiences and campaigns.

Only 10 tickets available, book here.
Early bird and not-for-profit ticket prices available.
We will spend the day at my fave workshop location of all time, The Ideas Vault at Fox Studios.

The Ideas Vault


Models drawn by our talented illustrator Kate.