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Marketing or Entertainment?

Why so serious?

Marketing or Entertainment?

Stacey Edmonds, JUL 24, 2011

OK so, lets get to it and take a a good gander at the Why So Serious Transmedia Marketing campaign for The Dark Knight and ask the burning question… was the marketing campaign an example of Transmedia Entertainment – was there, in fact, additional story elements that made the campaign crossover – the ultimate in promoting the film as well as extending the story, plus making more accessible the plot and characters…

…the jury is open.

The Inspiration Room explains;

“The Why So Serious campaign began in May 2007, using the film Why So Serious tag line. The viral campaign, though centered on the web, branched out over mobile, mail, flash mobs, scavenger hunts, casual games, user generated content, collaborative narratives and streaming video. The audience was immersed into the saga of Gotham City from the last frame of Batman Begins to the opening scene of The Dark Knight. Over 10 million unique participants in 75 countries made Why So Serious? a new benchmark for integrated campaigns. The Dark Knight was the most successful movie of 2008 and the second highest grossing film of all time.”